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Last Update: 01/04/14

Hoosier Paranormal Research recently released a NetCast episode on orbs.  Some discussion on research conducted by the group Para.Science is quite fascinating.  You can read more on their research by clicking  here.

This 1920's/1930's photograph contains what some believe to be a true orb.  What is interesting is this was captured on film and it is uncommon to capture orbs in  film photography.  

An object like this, a delicately flowing piece of dust over a staircase, can give a false positive. This was taken with a digital camera.
  False Positive Orbs

It's our opinion at Hoosier Paranormal Research that authentic orb activity
is a very rare occurrence. There are a few reasons why your pictures will give you orbs.

  1. Moisture will be refractive in your camera flash and give a false positive of orbs.     This can include dew not just rain.
  2. Dust particles also can be caught in the flash of a camera and give false positives.
  3. Reflections of an object will also give false positives. If you have a picture with         multiple orbs and one or two are really intense chances are that it is only a reflection of   some nearby object.  Notice if the orb is the same color as a nearby object, it's more than likely light reflecting off of that object.
True Orbs  
(giving off its own light source and not reflected or refracted light)

Once you have eliminated the above possibilities, it is time to take a good, long, close look at the orb itself. What you are looking for in "orb" activity is a solid object that emits its own light. It may show up on film looking like someone just threw a lit light bulb across the screen. If the orb has signs of movement, such as a blurred trail behind it, you may have caught a real orb.  But it must emit its own light source.

The other characteristic of orb activity that we consider is the coloration of the orb. True orbs are colored in the "cool" end of the spectrum, namely white, blue, or green. Any orb activity that shows up as red, orange, or yellow, it typical of dust or light refraction.

Hoosier Paranormal believes orbs are not manifestations of ghost or spirits but rather sources of energy. While orbs are usually present during paranormal activity, you can have orbs show up without paranormal activity. It is for this reason we will very rarely use pictures of orbs to authenticate paranormal evidence of an investigation.

HPR feels this is a true orb.  It does have a sharp pinpoint appearance, it seems to be producing it's own light and was seen with the naked eye before this photograph was taken.